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Mikael Widersten

Mikael Widersten, Professor at Department of Chemistry - BMC, Biochemistry

Antonietta Parracino

Antonietta Parracino, Research project coordinator at Uppsala University

Stefano Corni

Stefano Corni, Professor Dept. Chemical Sciences, University of Padova

Stefano Corni

Giuseppe Perugino

Giuseppe Perugino, researcher at IBBR-CNR

Aitziber Cortajarena

Aitziber Cortajarena, Scientific Director and Principal Investigator at CIC biomaGUNE

Anna Valenti

Anna Valenti, researcher at IBBR-CNR

Annalisa Pastore

Annalisa Pastore, head of lifescience division at ERSF

Antonino Calio'

Antonino Calio, Postdoc at ERSF

Erika Dudas

Erika Dudas, Postdoc expert of molecular biology and protein purification at ERSF

Nicolo' Maccaferri

Nicolo' Maccaferri, head of the Ultrafast Nanophotonics and Advanced Functional Materials Group

Hinduja Islandpic

Hinduja Islandpic is PhD student in the advanced Functional Materials Group

Hinduja Islandpic

Jens Schwamborn

Jens Schwamborn Professor at the University of Luxembourg, founder of Organotherapeutics

Paola Bolognesi

Paola Bolognesi, researcher at Molecular Dynamics&Application (MDA) group of CNR-ISM

Lorenzo Avaldi

Lorenzo Avaldi, head of at Molecular Dynamics&Application (MDA) group of CNR-ISM

Laura Zanetti-Polzi

Laura Zanetti-Polzi is a tenured researcher at the CNR Institute of Nanoscience (CNR-NANO)

Tobias Herr

Tobias Herr, Head of Ultrafast Microphotonics Group

Weichen Fan

Weichen Fan, PhD student of Ultrafast Microphotonics Group

Isabel Rosety

Isabel Rosety, Researcher at Organotherapeutics

Rosanna Mattossovich

Rosanna Mattossovich is PostDoc at IBBR-CNR

Rosa Merlo

Rosa Merlo is PostDoc at IBBR-CNR

Jonathan Leon Moro

Jonathan Leon Moro, Postdoc at CicBiomagune


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Antonietta Parracino – Project Manager of Computational Biochemistry Research Group