iSenseDNA will herness tailor-made circular supercoiled DNA as "transducers" and its dynamical interactions with proteins as an unprecedented and disruptive approach in real-time bio-molecular sensing that can transform medical diagnostics and treatment. 

The consortium

iSenseDNA is multidisciplinary with partners from universities, research institutes and an ambitious SME.
iSenseDNA aims at developing an innovative technology, based on tailor-made DNA structures, as an ‘ad-hoc’ tool for real-time advanced optical analysis of biomolecules ‘in action’

Consortium map

Project details

TITLE: Computation driven development of novel in vivo-like-DNA-nanotransducers for biomolecules structure identification

Grant Agreement: 101046920

START-END: October the 1st 2022– September the 30th 2026
EU CONTRIBUTION: €3.000.419,00

TOPIC: EIC Pathfinder Open

Last modified: 2022-11-30